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HomeWorksKirklin Clinic, University of Alabama Health Services Foundation

Kirklin Clinic, University of Alabama Health Services Foundation


Kirklin Clinic was designed to consolidate numerous outpatient clinics scattered throughout the University of Alabama’s hospital district. The 9-acre site, encompassing 2 1/2 city blocks, was bisected by two streets and surrounded by unrelated buildings of different character and bulk. The project required a new facility with its own distinctive identity, but which would also complement the university’s existing medical center – an integrated complex that could be built in stages without losing coherence.

In solution, possession of the entire site was taken at the beginning, and the complex was designed as a whole: two asymmetrical U-shaped wings, identical in size and shape, that step up and back from each other across a city street to create a public fountain court at the center of each “U.” Only the first building was executed.

The granite exterior is organized on a regular grid that reflects the building’s internal organization. Ceramic frit on most glazed surfaces produces a white cast that tonally integrates with the exterior cladding. On the interior, the frit – closely spaced ceramic lines fused to the surface – refracts sunshine for a soft, warm light.


Model: roof view of full project / Courtesy of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners

Design Team: I. M. Pei, Design Partner; C. C. Pei, Project Architect
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners