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Bushnell Plaza

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Situated in a corner of an urban renewal site surrounded by historic, cultural and institutional buildings, this 27-story tower and its accompanying 1-story shopping arcade, plaza, and underground garage comprise the first phase of a planned twin-tower complex in the heart of downtown Hartford.

Bushnell Plaza is the last of Pei’s six architectural concrete residential tower projects, the only one commissioned after he left Webb & Knapp, and one of only two designed as luxury apartments (the other being Century City; they alone have balconies). The pinwheel tower maximizes views of greater Hartford and, with its contoured site and generously planted plaza, it establishes a strong connection with nearby Bushnell Park.

Bushnell Tower and Plaza are on Connecticut’s State Register and are protected by the state’s Historic Preservation Ordinance.


Bird’s-eye view to west / Google Earth

Design Team: I.M. Pei, Design Partner; A. Preston Moore, Project Architect
I. M. Pei & Associates